Friday, July 18, 2008

Exponent-Engineering and Scientific Consulting

Chronicle for Higher Education 7/19/08

* Associate/Full Professor of Folklore
Indiana University, (Indiana)
(date posted: 7/18/2008)

remember that the Americans are not the only ones prospering in the world so long as we do not start ruining other people's initiatives to create, invent, explore, discover, plan properly, make no bones that we need to coordinate and work properly together, not to mess with someone's system just because it is not yours unless it is bad;

even if we were not born in this country, it does not mean we will do it harm; do not get harmstrung by inferior systems or people;

think of the difference between the Euro and the Dollars also

check out the others at

we all should know when we have a good thing and not wreck it, $$$ ???

where is your sense of fair play? survival of the ????

let me tell you that tokenism before was not entirely tokenism; it was to some extent globalization, internationalization, laissez faire, many years of working with other countries, the weather and climate, the rest and recreation, remember that the Epcot Center; it can be lonesome too; reserve yourself a place in ShangriLa someday

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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
North Carolina A&T State University (North Carolina)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

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Chronicle for Higher Education 7/19/08

* Mathematics Education/STEM
North Dakota State University (North Dakota)
(date posted: 7/18/2008)

* Staff Architect, Facilities Planning
University of Maryland at College Park (Maryland)
(date posted: 7/18/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Business Law
Emporia State University (Kansas)
(date posted: 7/18/2008)

Chronicle for Higher Education 7/19/08

* Program Director
Social Science Research Council (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Assistant Professor
Santa Clara University (California)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Special Technology Coordinator (New York)
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Visiting Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
Rocky Mountain College (Montana)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Special Projects Associate
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
North Carolina A&T State University (North Carolina)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Computer Systems Administrator
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Quantitative Analyst
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Assistant Research Scientist, Biostatistician
University of Iowa (Iowa)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Liberal and Civic Studies Program
Saint Mary's College of California (California)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Coordinator e-Learning Center
Northern Arizona University (Arizona)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Quantitative Developer
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Vice President of Administrative Services
Aiken Technical College (South Carolina)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Systems: Database Administrator (New York)
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Windows Engineer (New York)
D. E. Shaw Group (New York)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Allied Health - Associate Faculty Pool
West Valley-Mission Community College District (California)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chronicle for Higher Education 7/18/08

* Assistant/Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Utah (Utah)
(date posted: 7/16/2008)

* One-year Criminology Faculty, Department of Psychology/Sociology
College of Notre Dame of Maryland (Maryland)
(date posted: 7/16/2008)

* Assistant Professor
University of Miami (Florida)
(date posted: 7/16/2008)

* Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice
University of Illinois at Chicago (Illinois)
(date posted: 7/16/2008)

* Administrative Liaison in the Peace Corps Fellows Program in Community Development
Western Illinois University (Illinois)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)

* Assistant Dean of Students
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Tennessee)
(date posted: 7/17/2008)


Civil and Mechanical Engineers

Date: July 17, 2008 12:55:55 PM EDT
Subject: Civil Engineers & Mechanical Engineers

Good morning all,
Here's another good employment opportunity.

WANTED: Civil and Mechanical Engineers (Original Entrance Exams)

THE METROPOLITAN WATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT OF CITY OF CHICAGO - Have the highest pay scale among the government organizations.

You need to be a resident of Cook County geographical area.

Current Employment Opportunities-

For general information about Civil Service Examinations at the District please click here. The following is a listing of exams for which the District is currently accepting applications. The title, filing period and starting salary are included in the listing. To get complete information about any exam, please click on the job title.

Title Filing Period Starting Salary
Associate Civil Engineer - Original Entrance 7/11/2008 to 7/25/2008 $64,313.34 Per Year
Associate Civil Engineer - Promotional 7/11/2008 to 7/25/2008 $64,313.34 Per Year
Associate Mechanical Engineer (O) 6/20/2008 to 7/18/2008 $64,313.34 Per Year
Associate Mechanical Engineer (P) 6/20/2008 to 7/18/2008 $64,313.34 Per Year

Good Luck.

Elbert R. Regacho, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Technical Services Branch


Phone: (312) 353-7504

Fax: (312) 353-9628